live beautifully 'til the end
me: *sits in a corner*
me: *listens to gintama osts*
me: *recall shogun arcs*
me: *suppress laughter*


let’s take a moment to appreciate that this happened, because i doubt it’s gonna last long, but it happened [x]


hey guys, what’s up?

so while i was reviewing some of the screencaps from the 2nd gintama movie, i just realized that gintoki’s head during his “disguise” when he time traveled looked like a fucking dingalingdingdong

i thought it was a mushroom at first
how did they even have the permission to show that in cinemas
i just. i can’t i really can’t anymore

Gin picking his nose

just imagine the things gin-san can do if he still wielded a katana

it’s been three years, my dear friends. thank you for following this blog (even if my posts can be crappy sometimes and even if i don’t update that much nowadays) (college, ugh) thru all those years. and as a way of looking back, right here is my very first post back in 2011. this sideblog’s first url was rinnegans. haha well, naruto was not my very first anime, but it was sort of like that one anime/manga that introduced me to a lot more animes/mangas, iykwim. after catching up on naruto, i tried reminiscing (lol) other animes i’ve watched when i was a kid, like fullmetal alchemist and i was so happy when i heard they’ll be making a sequel (brotherhood) and that’s when i got so hooked into reading mangas (i’d have to admit, i prefer reading mangas than watching anime). Whenever i’d catch up another series, i’d start another one just to kill time and then boom! that’s how i got addicted to this crazy manga world where everything is beautiful and everything hurts.

oh well, papel.
thanks again, my friends for following this blog. whether you’ve followed me way back when i still posted “quality” gifs and edits, back when i was still updated on the naruto anime or even if you’re one of my new followers… thanks thanks thanks!

(and sorry in advance ‘cause i’ll be on hiatus again after the holiday break hahaha im gomen)


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